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At Bella Vista Artificial Grass and Landscaping we feel that well designed and installed hardscapes can create a defined and unique look to any front or backyard.


Design and installation of custom decorative concrete patios, walkways, pavers or flagstone pathways can generate more useable space and create continuity throughout your front or backyard. Custom designed and constructed patios and walkways are available in a variety of finishes, textures, styles and colors.


By using rock walls, retaining walls, mow strips and other forms of hardscape we are able to create durable silhouettes and add detailed texture throughout your living space as well as maintain functionality for regular maintenance. Well selected and placed boulders can create a natural look within your planter beds or accent your lawn as well as add character to seasonal drainage or natural waterways on your property.


Contact Bella Vista Artificial Grass and Landscaping to discuss what forms of hardscapes would accent your project and to schedule a complimentary consultaion with us.

Custom Concrete & Hardscapes

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Loomis, California


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