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At Bella Vista Artificial Grass and Landscaping we feel that landscaping is very personal to the homeowner and should reflect their individual tastes. We can create any vision including but not limited to: Mediterranean, Tuscan, tropical, Tahoe or Japanese.


From the shores of Lake Tahoe to the shores of Hawaii – we can create the ideal living space that speaks to your heart and creates a sense of serenity for you and your family. Give us your desired concept and leave the design and plant selection to us; or if you prefer we are happy to accompany you to the nursery to choose the plant and tree colors and types that best complete your landscaping vision.


All plant and tree types are selected to best suit your space’s soil type, location and to maintain an attractive yard year round. Each project is custom designed for plant placement and to best suit your space – no two projects ever look the same in design or layout. We also do LED Lighting to illuminate your new plants and trees, boulder placement, decorative mounding, drainage, irrigation and drip systems.


Contact Bella Vista Artificial Grass and Landscaping to discuss your landscaping project and to schedule a complimentary consultation with us.


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